"Horse Vaulting" is Gymnastics on horseback!  It focuses on riding, balance, and body awareness for both the rider and the horse. It is the oldest equestrian sport, dating back to the Roman times, and was used by the military to train riders and horses to be balanced. It's where Indoor Gymnastics came from. 

September Song Stables is a small private barn that offers Horse Boarding, English and Western riding lessons, Adaptive Riding for those with special needs, and Equestrian Vaulting lessons for riders of all ages and riding abilities. Safety and confidence is our main focus for both horses and riders. 

We teach students how to ride with balance, and in harmony with the horse by allowing them to concentrate on controlling their own body first, while the horse trainer controls the speed and direction of the horse on a lunge line. Once balance and confidence has been established between horse and rider,  the rider then learns to take control by practicing vaulting or riding drills tailored to meet the students goals. 

We don't just ride horses!

Equestrian Vaulting is all about balance!